Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Vox for Canadian Thrashers Exciter

Exciter has just announced that they have a new singer for their forth coming Thrash Speed Burn.
New York-based singer Kenny "Metal Mouth" Winter has been elected as their new frontman. Kenny has assured fans of Exciter to expect nothing short of an "electrical storm".
For more informaton: Exciter
Killer mug! Keep it metal dude!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Thrashcast Ep. 1 - The Samhain Special

Episode 1 playlist:

  1. Acid Reign - Phantasm - Obnoxious
  2. Deathrow - Samhain - Riders Of Doom
  3. Rigor Mortis - Vampire - Rigor Mortis (1988)
  4. LAAZ ROCKIT - Leatherface - No Stranger to Danger
  5. DEATH SS - Werewolf - In Death Of Steve Sylvester
  6. S.O.D. - Freddy Krueger - Speak English Or Die
  7. Aggression - Green Goblin - The Full Treatment
  8. Tankard - Alien - Alien (1989)
  9. Possessed - The Exorcist - Seven Churches
  10. Apocalypse - Cemetery - Apocalypse (1987)
  11. The Mist - Scarecrow - The Mist
  12. Abbatoir - Screams From The Grave -Vicious Attack
  13. Psychic Possessor - Zombie Night - Toxin Diffusion
  14. Necrophagia - Season Of The Dead - Season Of The Dead
  15. Infernal Majesty - Night Of The Living Dead - None Shall Defy
  16. Poltergeist - Haunted House/Nothing Lasts Forever

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Thrashtube #2

Here's A video from Nuclear Assault's 1988 Survive. It's entitled Brainwashed!
Newspapers, Radio, TV, They're all lies!
Listen to the lyrics it still rings true today!
Here is Thrashtube:

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Thrashcast Demo #1

Demo #1:
  1. Anthrax- Make me Laugh - State Of Euphoria
  2. Recipients Of Death - Fleshburn - Raping Death / Final Flight
  3. Slammer - Every Breathe - Nightmare Scenario
  4. Stone - Final Countdown - Stone(1988)
  5. Overkill - Nothing To Die For - The Years Of Decay
  6. Nuclear Assault - Mother's Day - Handle With Care
  7. Sacrilege B.C. - Azmeroth - Party With God
  8. Flotsam & Jetsam - The Jones - No Place For Disgrace
  9. Sepultura - Septic Schizo - Schizophrenia
  10. Solstice - SMD - Solstice(1992)
  11. Accuser - Sadistic Terror(bonus) - Double Talk
  12. Znowhite - War Machine - Act Of God
~Post ya later!

First Thrashcast demo ready

Hey folks! My first demo of the bi-weekly Thrashcast is up and ready. Thrashcast is a music "podcast" consisting of only Oldschool Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, and Hardcore Crossover Thrash. That means any Thrash, Speed or Crossover from the time period 1980 to 1995. Thay'll be put up every other Friday. I won't speak very much. Only if I want to, or if I want to tell you some news about the band. I'll mainly be posting that kind of stuff in separate posts. To download you will have to click the heading of every new post. Tell me what you think. I will be posting links to the bands featured in every Thrashcast in the playlist section.
Maybe you want to request a song or a different band? Go ahead and leave it in the comments section. You want it longer? Shorter? Leave me a message in my comments sections. Do I talk too much? Too little?... Different format? Leave comments, please.

Anyway the next post will be my first demo. So go, get outta here!
Criteria for requests will be only from bands from that time period and only one song from that artist.

Post ya later,
And Getcha Pull!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Thrashtube No. 1

In addition to my bi-weekly "Thrash Cast", I will also be posting videos, interviews and other types of video clips having to do with Thrash/Speed Metal and Crossover/Hardcore. Formats will be of various types,i.e.: wmv, Quick Time, You Tube and/or links to various web pages that host the videos.
I have chosen to name this regular section "Thrashtube". Pretty clever, huh?

This week's Thrashtube consists of a Swedish TV show(I think). It contains interviews with Scott Ian and Charlie Benante(Anthrax), James Hetfield(Metallica), Lemmy(Motorhead), Miland "Mille" Petrozza(Kreator) and others. For the most part the show is intelligible except for the few intruptions by the narrator. The show is about 20 min. long and is very interesting. It is a wmv format, so not everyone will be able to watch. But don't worry, this is not the only video of this type I will be showcasing. Oh, and make sure you turn down the volume before playing!
Unfortunately I wasn't able to embed this video properly :(, but I will still put the link up!
So, without further ado, I present the first Thrashtube:

Swedish Thrash Documentary

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Update 1

Been playing around with editing software. Having lots of fun.
First Thrashcast pilot should be posted sometime in October.
\m/ (:P) \m/