Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thrashblast News Blast II

Well as you know, the KIT Festival was held in Germany a couple of weeks ago(4/13-4/14), and some of the footage has been leaking in very slowly. I have some live footage of Sabbat and LAAZ Rockit for you kiddies, and for those of you who don't know what the hell the KIT Festival is...Too Bad! Just kidding, It's actually called Keep It True Festival and it's held very often, about twice a year in Germany(like many other badass fests!) It focuses on the OldSchool Metal bands from the 80's 90's and sometimes even from the 70's. This year's fest included:
Destructor,Tankard,Warrant(ger),LAAZ Rockit,Diamond Head,Sabbat,Artillery and Defender among others! I mention those because I thought those were worth mentioning.

Here's LAAZ Rockit performing Leatherface:

Here's Sabbat performing The Clerical Conspiracy from their 1989 Dreamweaver:

There's probably more footage, I'll post as I get them.
But for now...

Thrashblast News Blast!

Athiest has decided to end thier reunion tour. They'll be playing for the last time soon! So you better catch one of their last shows ever!
ATHEIST's Shaefer comments, "It's very hard to just walk away from this music that is having its day in the sun. The shows keep getting better and better, and the crowds are full of amazing stories of how they discovered our music. But the best and most important thing to us has been the outpouring of brand new people who have embraced our music as being pivotal to the way they listen to metal. That's far more important to us than anything. We will wrap this all up with one final show in New York that will be filmed for a DVD."
Also be mlooking for their dvd soon as well of the last show!

In other Thrash related news, Sodom has rereleased their 1999 Code Red on BLOOD RED VINYL! They released it thru Night Of The Vinyl Dead.
Hand numbered 500 copies
Previously released on CD only through Drakkar Records[1999]
Check it out HERE!

That's enought for now...
There's more.

DeathrasH Down For Now

So I've decided to pass some time on my old blog. Until the new site is up. Thrashmageddon!~
Maybe I'll reupload some of my Thrashcasts or something. But for now I got a bunch Thrash news. So.....