Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Christ Illusion

Here is a review of Christ Illusion from Chris Steffen of RollingStone.com:

"Those of us impatiently waiting, nail-festooned gauntlets at the ready, for SLAYER to make another 'Reign in Blood' will have to wait a little longer," Steffen writes. "'Christ Illusion', due August 8th, mines much of the same territory as its predecessor, 'God Hates Us All', just without the memorable riffs. It's become downright painful to hear Tom Araya — at 45 years old! — continue to belt out the band's increasingly self-parodying, anti-religious lyrics, like 'Religion’s a whore' and 'I've made my choice: six six six!' The album art takes it all over the top with an image axeman Kerry King dubs 'Christ in a Sea of Despair.' At least their awesome drummer Dave Lombardo (playing on his first SLAYER recording since 1990's 'Seasons in the Abyss') shows off some chops, particularly on the raging 'Supremist'."

Now here's mine:

I've got to dissagree with Steffen up there, I am kinda confused with his review. While there are parts that sound like an extension of God Hates Us All, Christ Illusion is a different album. Christ Illusion is filled with lots of guitars and memorable riffs, so I don't know what he's talking about. This album has guitar written all over it! I just recieved a copy of a promo and am now just listening to it. Steffen actually did make a good point about Supremist, it does sound abit percussive.
I think his interpretation of this album has alot to do with Tom's Voice throughout the album and their satanic references like "666" in the song Cult , which by the way is just in that song alone! His voice has changed alot since the Reign In Blood and Seasons in the Abyss days. You can't change that. Tom has that familiar Diabolus In Musica and GHUA voice, but I also hear his Season's voice as well. Other than that I think this album is great. Jihad is still the radio edit version. I suspect the real copy will have the full version.
The album starts with an eerie organ-like intro(Kinda like those old 70's prog/rock organs) with Flesh Storm and then they end the album with some eerie feedback in the last song Supremist . Flesh Storm is probably a good example of the GHUA and Season's Voice mixture. This song has a good fast pace and lots of chugging. Like I said before it begins with an organ-like sound, much like those used in old prog/rock albums, but for only about 20 seconds and begins with some riffing throughout the whole song. Excellent drumming by Dave. The next song is Catalyst. The same GHUA screaming voice but over a great song. Once again great guitars, twin unison riffing and this is where Dave brings in his deep bottom end to the mix. Eyes Of The Insane is their ode to the war soldier. The wah is in effect here, great guitarring. This song has been heard before already so I won't waste to much time here or the next song which is Jihad. I think everyone's already heard them. But I've got to give credit to them for making a song like Jihad. Skeleton Christ is another song of interest. It has a kind of galloping swing to it until around 1:45 and then it goes into the familiar GHUA type of play then around 3:20 it changes to a "chugalug" fest until it ends which is actually a pretty cool part. The next song Consfearacy begins and sustains with any one song found on their Undisputed album so its abit faster than some of the other songs. If it wasn't for Dave Lombardo, this release would another mediocre GHUA. Dave really brings a strong backbone to Christ Illusion.
The next song of interest follows Consfearacy, it's called Black Serenade. Immediately I brought Expendable Youth to mind. Not in the way they play but the way Tom Araya sings in the intro. It then begins with some cool riffing and then around 1:10 you can hear Kerry's familiar lead that he's synonymous with. Next is Catatonic. This one is laced with some cool riffing. A little slower but the riffs make up for it. Some great use of the Wah pedal around 2:55. This is probably my favorite. It's got a droning feel to it and then Dave kicks it in around 2:40 then it slows down for the lead. Nice chugging after the lead.
I can't stress enough how much Dave really impacted this album.
Next is Cult. EVERYBODY already knows this cult satanic song! Honestly this is the only song that's "satanic"(Slaytanic). This is their middle finger to society. So, Kudos, Slayer!
Then comes Supremist! Man fucking Dave Kicks Ass! Drums, drums, drums!!! Double bass blasts! Kerry and Jeff make this really cool riff in the beginning along with Dave's drumming, Dave does this little flutter with his double bass ever so subtle around :05 seconds into the song. I don't know if that's Dave or a delay but it sounds fuckin' cool as hell! You might miss it if you're not paying close attention. Then around 1:36 another cool change comes in with some really great catchy riffing and then into the flaming leads! The song then ends with some cool feedback leaving me wanting more even though it's 3:50 long. I still wanted more.
Now I think I'm ripped in half between Catatonic and Supremist!

Fuckin' Dave.
All in all, I give Christ Illusion a 9/10. This album would've gotten a 10 if it weren't for Tom's GHUA kind of voice. It's a very good album.

Slayer reigns in blood!

~Posy ya later!