Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thrashblast News Blast II

Well as you know, the KIT Festival was held in Germany a couple of weeks ago(4/13-4/14), and some of the footage has been leaking in very slowly. I have some live footage of Sabbat and LAAZ Rockit for you kiddies, and for those of you who don't know what the hell the KIT Festival is...Too Bad! Just kidding, It's actually called Keep It True Festival and it's held very often, about twice a year in Germany(like many other badass fests!) It focuses on the OldSchool Metal bands from the 80's 90's and sometimes even from the 70's. This year's fest included:
Destructor,Tankard,Warrant(ger),LAAZ Rockit,Diamond Head,Sabbat,Artillery and Defender among others! I mention those because I thought those were worth mentioning.

Here's LAAZ Rockit performing Leatherface:

Here's Sabbat performing The Clerical Conspiracy from their 1989 Dreamweaver:

There's probably more footage, I'll post as I get them.
But for now...


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