Thursday, June 08, 2006

Slayer's Eternal Pyre

Well, the date 6-06-06 has come and gone. But not without leaving us something to endure with. No, I'm not talking about the Apocalypse like all you heathens out there were hoping would happen! I'm talking about Slayer's latest heap of smoldering plastic! Yes that's right, Slayer's latest EP entitled Eternal Pyre, which consists of a single song from their upcoming as yet untitled follow up to God Hates Us All which will be released July 25, 2006. The song is entitled "Cult".
At first listen, it sounds as if it continues in the same path of GHUA. But as you continue on thru, there's a slight difference. That's right! It's Dave Lombardo driving those drums! There's something exciting about listening to Dave Lombardo. Could it be that we haven't heard him play with Slayer in over fifteen years? Maybe, but the fact that Dave is back behind the kit is all the more reason to give Slayer's next release a listening.
"Cult" was not the only song on the EP. The EP was enhanced with two videos. The first video featured is live footage caught from a recent show played in Germany with Slayer playing "War Ensemble". You can tell it was recent because it's got Dave behind drums and Tom's aging beard! It was recorded at the With Full Force Festival, July 1, 2005 by PH-West.
The second feature is about a minute's worth of the band inside the studio rehearsing "Cult" from the upcoming album. From the sounds of it, that song is bludgeoning! There's no vocals, only them playing the song. In the meantime, footage of the band is shown behind the scenes working on "Cult". That was filmed at NRG Studios during the recording of the new album in March of 2005. The intro to the video itself almost sounds like a song from Slipknot. I don't know if that was intended, or another song from the album or even them paying homage to Slipknot themselves!
But the fact is, is that Slayer is back! And from the looks of it, they're back with a vengeance! There doesn't seem to be anything in the way of these Thrash Titans in the clear future. With their new headlining tour coming up, Slayer set to take over the World...\m/ \m/

So keep Thrashin', keep those horns up and open up a can of Whoop AssĀ©!

~Post ya later!

Viking's "Man Of Straw" to be re-released!

Viking's 1989 Thrash Metal classic, Man Of Straw, is to be re-released by Lost And Found Records later this month or early next month(July) in agreement with Metal Blade Records. The ever so rare and ultra hard to find Thrash classic will only be limited to 1000 cd's. Singer and guitarplayer Ron "Eriksen" Daniel is playing a large part in the planning and development of the reissue. Ultimately, this classic will still be as rare as it ever was.
Although this classic is a pseudo-christian release, one can easily forget about the lyrics and begin thrashin' all around once the song begin.
I will make my best effort to purchase this classic!

~Post ya later!