Saturday, October 21, 2006

First Thrashcast demo ready

Hey folks! My first demo of the bi-weekly Thrashcast is up and ready. Thrashcast is a music "podcast" consisting of only Oldschool Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, and Hardcore Crossover Thrash. That means any Thrash, Speed or Crossover from the time period 1980 to 1995. Thay'll be put up every other Friday. I won't speak very much. Only if I want to, or if I want to tell you some news about the band. I'll mainly be posting that kind of stuff in separate posts. To download you will have to click the heading of every new post. Tell me what you think. I will be posting links to the bands featured in every Thrashcast in the playlist section.
Maybe you want to request a song or a different band? Go ahead and leave it in the comments section. You want it longer? Shorter? Leave me a message in my comments sections. Do I talk too much? Too little?... Different format? Leave comments, please.

Anyway the next post will be my first demo. So go, get outta here!
Criteria for requests will be only from bands from that time period and only one song from that artist.

Post ya later,
And Getcha Pull!


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