Friday, May 26, 2006

Socialized Hate

What's up? HDT here. So I've been wandering around looking for nothing in particular and stumbled upon another blog. This blog kinda gave me an idea. I figured that if I'm gonna be posting only Thrash Metal related subjects, I might as well post links to obscure and OOP Thrash records.

The first Thrash link I thought I might start with is/was a local band that made some pretty cool records. And the fact that they were known worldwide as an up and coming Thrash band made it even cooler! They are called Atrophy. I, being from here(Tucson), was able to catch them live a few times opening up for some headlining bands. Anyway they're pretty cool! I'll be posting their 1988 album Socialized Hate. Hence the title of my post! You can find a link in the comments section.

I'll probably only do this if and when I feel like posting links like these. Or if I don't have anything better to post. Also, the bands that I will be featuring will be obscure, rare and OOP Thrash Metal albums that you can't find at your local record store. So, those posts will be far and few in between.

~Post ya later!


Blogger HDT said...

Here's the link to today's post:

If you have anything rare please feel free post sumthin!

1:39 AM  
Blogger HDT said...

Link has been deleted due to no activity but I'll repost when someone requests it to be.

9:56 PM  

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